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Japanese Auctions Guide

For those who don't know what this is about, Yahoo Auctions and Mbok are something like a japanese ebay. That being the case, it naturally has a greater collection of lolita goodies available and many times at fairly decent prices. Unfortunately foreigners cannot participate on the auctions directly, therefore a shopping service is needed.

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My Spring/Summer wishlist

I decided to upload my Spring/ Summer wish-list. It is mostly big pieces like dresses, not that I do not wish for other stuff. So, if uoi happen to have anything listed below and are willing to sell, please contact me! OP/ JSKRead more...Collapse )

My blog

 Hello! Wabbie-chan here. Since I don't write to this journal anymore because I've completely replaced it with blogger, I will put a link to my lolita blog here, for anyone interested. ^_^
See you around!